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Enterprise Creations, LLC is a veteran owned company specializing in the financial services often sought by aspiring entrepreneurs. Three principals guide us in all of our relationships:

* Planning reduces risk and permits effective execution; 

* Long-term relationships are mutually beneficial; and,

* Honesty and Transparency are the cornerstones of our work ethic.

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We specialize in providing the professional financial services most frequently sought by aspiring entrepreneurs, including:


Meet Our Team

Our team possesses over 100 years of combined experience in the capital markets, securities, marketing and sales and business development.

William D. Kyle, founder and Managing Member of Enterprise Creations, LLC, possesses more than 40 years of consistently delivering exceptional value, market share, profit and business growth within rapidly changing environments. Possessing strong decisive executive leadership, Bill’s experience transcends organizations from start-ups, including Flight Dynamics, Inc. and FLIR Systems, Inc. to Fortune 1000 multi-billion dollar international companies including Groupe Bull and Zenith Data Systems.

Customer focused and performance driven, Bill’s expertise includes strategic business development, capital acquisition strategies, strategic planning, marketing, sales and business development. As a senior-level executive, Bill has been instrumental in raising private investment capital though Regulation D, multiple IPO’s and P.I.P.E.s, reverse mergers, where he has consulted on over 100 reverse merger transactions, and strategic acquisitions where he was instrumental in the acquisition of Flight Dynamics, Inc. by Hughes.

An accomplished author, Bill has published several articles in publications including Control Engineering, Software Developer & Publisher and was awarded the SAE Award for Technical Excellence for his article entitled, “Holographic HUDs in Commercial Aircraft”. Prior to his successful career in the private sector, Bill was a highly decorated USAF F-4 fighter pilot possessing over 2,000 hours in the F-4 Phantom including more than 325 combat hours during the Viet Nam War. While in the USAF, Bill was a select member of a USAF briefing team responsible for creating and presenting multimedia presentations to Members of Congress and The President of The United States.  Bill possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Montana and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Utah. Bill is also a member of The F-4 Phantom II Society, Order of DaedaliansRed River Valley Fighter Pilot Association and National League of POW/MIA families.

John Lowy is the founder (in 1990) and CEO of his midtown New York law firm, John Lowy Law. John is a highly-respected and acknowledged expert in reverse mergers, capital formation, legal consulting and initial public and private offerings of all types, including Regulation A+, Regulation S, Regulation D and IPOs. He is also the founder (in 1993) and CEO of Olympic Capital Group, Inc., which specializes in providing strategies and execution to privately-held companies that want to become publicly-owned. John is also a licensed Series 79 registered representative with a boutique New York and Los Angeles-based FINRA broker-dealer.As an attorney, a consultant, a registered representative, or as a principal, John has led or participated in more than 200 successful transactions, creating market value in excess of $5 billion. He has been instrumental in leading the process by which many companies have raised capital or reverse merged, and have then achieved listings on the NASDAQ or the AMEX, or have been sold to larger companies.

In addition to the U.S., John has completed transactions for clients based in Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, UK, Vietnam and other nations. The sectors in which these clients are engaged range from high tech to low tech, real estate, pharmaceuticals, medical/biotech, oil and gas, mining, solar power and other renewable energy, entertainment, food, forestry, agriculture, education and retail, among others.

John received his B.A. from Tufts University and began practicing law after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey. He has been a guest panelist at reverse merger and Regulation A+ conferences, and is also a frequent contributor to MicroCap Review, one of the most respected and widely-circulated publications in the microcap (under $350M market cap) sector. He is married with four children, and lives in New York City and Southampton, NY.[/person]

M&K CPAS, PLLC (“M&K”), is a full service certified public accounting firm based in Houston, TX that serves the audit, financial reporting, and tax needs of growing micro and small-cap publicly traded companies across the U.S. and worldwide.  They also serve a wide range of privately held companies.

M&K partners, accountants, auditors and professional staff have extensive experience with the financial reporting requirements of federal securities laws, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and generally accepted auditing standards, as well as federal, state, and local taxing authorities. As a registered Accounting firm with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, we deliver reliable, high-quality expertise to each of their clients.

Financial reporting and auditing practices have become increasingly complex. The financial auditors at M&K CPAS, PLLC provide external auditing and assurance services because they understand the nuances behind this evolving field. While based in Houston, TX, they employ their experience and high attention to detail in providing quality financial services to businesses of all sizes both domestically and internationally.

Financial auditing and assurance services provide shareholders with assurance that the information provided is accurate. This helps investors monitor their stake in the corporation. It also provides a healthy platform to develop concise future initiatives for a company’s growth. M&K CPAS will examine your financial books, accounts, vouchers and other documents to ensure that all laws and requirements are being followed.

Their expertise extends to across a wide range of external auditing categories, including:

  • Public Company
  • Shell Company
  • Oil & Gas Related Sector
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Government and Public Sector
  • Non-Profit
  • Employee Benefit Plan
  • Broker-Dealer
  • Distribution & Manufacturing
  • Reverse Mergers
  • Asian Markets
  • IPO Accountants
  • PCAOB Registered Accounting Firm
  • SEC Auditor

As a PCAOB registered firm, M&K CPAS, PLLC maintains the highest standard of expertise and service. This allows the firm to confidently provide your business with expert auditing and assurance services. Their experienced auditors are skilled in providing the best financial reporting and auditing services to your company. Their accountants are qualified to address complex transactions that may appear in an audit.

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