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Reverse Mergers SEC Filings Raising Capital
Our team has taken 200+ companies public via a reverse merger and created more than $5B in shareholder value. Need to file a Form D or Form 8K? Contact us today: let us help you with any SEC filing question you may have. Raising capital using one of the many exempt offerings offered by Regulation D, A+, CF or Rule 147/147A.
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Offering Documents Real Estate Transactions Public Shell Companies
Through our regdppms.com web site, we have the SEC compliant offering docs you need for your Reg. D exempt offering of securities. Our team has worked with REIT’s, developers, investors, funds, sponsors and others. Contact us for more information. With our inventory of high quality public companies, the acquisition and reverse merger process will be less arduous and far more rewarding, emotionally and financially.






For entrepreneurs of publicly traded companies: are you aware of a proposed SEC rule change to 17 CFR 240.15c2-11, likely to become operative in early 2020, which may render your company’s stock virtually worthless unless it provides current information to broker-dealers and the public?  If you’re not aware of this proposed SEC rule change, drop us a note and we’ll send you the relevant portions of the proposed rule.

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